Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Memories for Keeps ..."Willie Bear"

  Here is a a creation that I was commissioned to help with.  A dear friend's sister wanted a personal keepsake to give to her daughter for her upcoming birthday.  This cute bear has a shirt made from the shirt of a departed loved one.  the importance of this shirt was one that there needed to be a pocket to hold this man's eye glasses & that the shirt be made to resemble one that he wore on most days due to his job.  I will say that I was quite pleased with how it came out & was very happy that with all that I tried, I was blessed with very few problems & an end result that I was proud of.  Some things just seem to fall into place and this project felt very right almost from the onset.  Now, I just pray that the young woman who receives "Willie Bear" will have wonderful memories envelope her each time she embraces this cute teddy bear.  I hope that she will find peace within it's meaning.  What a fun & thoughtful gift her mother commissioned.  Something to think about for future gifts of sympathy & thoughtfulness.

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Scrap U 4For It said...

Hello Kim,
I just wanted to say publicly what a tremendous blessing and talented woman you are. You also went that extra step to attach a very sweet and thoughtful gift tag with a special sentiment. Thank you so much and I am truly blessed to have you as a friend. GOD BLESS YOU Always!!!!!!