Friday, September 3, 2010

Kyle's & Amanda's Wedding August 2010

     A beautiful day, a wonderful time with family, a joining of 2 happy people. 
I know, I am not what you would call a constant of anything, especially of keeping up with my very own blog.  There are so many excuses I could give in my defense, but in reality, it's all about being able to be consistent.
   Aren't these two just too sweet for words?  They both looked so great & I pray they stay happy within each other's embraces & in each other's lives.  Marriage is a great thing, but it takes some work as most of us know.  I hope they keep each other the main priority in each other's lives. 
  So world...let me introduce you to Kyle & Amanda Rairdan.  I'm a little late, but here they are!
  Love you two....keep smiling!

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Tammart Designs said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! What a beautiful couple and I can't believe how distinguished Kyle looks. Long cry from the t-shirt and jeans. Absolutely wonderful. Blessings!