Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Upcycling Halloween Treats

Up-cycled Halloween Treats

  What do you do with those left over paper towel & toilet paper roll tubes?  Well, you up-cycle them to make a new & fun treat to share with friends & family.
My husband works for the US Government & his job is with protecting the environment, reusing, & training the Air Force on how to best do this.  In our home before this job, we always were conscience of what our waste can do to the planet.  Now with my Sweetie's job, we try to make it an effort to reuse, recycle, & make do with what we have on hand.  One of the huge draw backs with making "Green Crafts" is the storage of the recycling items until you find a use for them. LOL  It is amazing how few bags actually go into our garbage can for weekly pick up.  Almost everything either goes to the recycling center or washed, dried & stored in my studio for future craft projects.  Try to get a mental picture of that will you. The pile is growing each day.  I think I have to get in there & start to break down & send a bunch of my "Saved" goodies to the recycling center.  The pile groweth, but I'm just not fast enough to use them all within a reasonable time frame.
Make recycling a part of your daily existence.

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Lisa Young said...

These are fabulous! What a great way to recycle!!